SLF is a registered law firm by the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam; and mainly takes cases regarding Corporate Legal Admin, Debt Recovery and M&A. We have lawyers who understand the stance of foreign companies, that have not much understanding of Vietnamese culture and law environment; to help solve the variety of their business difficulties by communicating in English. SLF is the most appropriate choice for cases not yet required the complication of requesting to a large global law firm, yet, still provide Client with professionalism and trust without any issues of languages.
SLF is a member of Korea Chamber of Business, Oversea Korean Traders Associations and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Service Area

Corporate Legal Admin
Incorporation · Business License · Registration Revision · Capital Increase · Share Deal · Liquidation · Bankruptcy · Legal Research · Inquiry Letter · Contract Validation · Product Notification · Startup Investment · Investment Due Diligence
Debt Recovery
Debt Confirmation · Court Evidence · Payment Request · Litigation · Arbitration · Provisional Seizure · Frozen Bank Account · Frozen Tax Number · Enforcement · Auction · Dispute Resolution · Property Ownership Validation
Mergers & Acquisitions
M&A Target Matching · Legal Due Diligence · Financial Due Diligence Guide · Shareholder Agreement · Business License Validation · Contract Validation · On-site Asset Check · Restructuring & Reorganizing · Periodical Audit


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정용욱 변호사

Opines Law & Accounting
+84 (0) 979 493 984

변호사 (대한변협/서울지방변호사회)
변리사 (한국)
공인회계사 (미국)
금융자산관리사/투자자산운용사 (한국)
펀트투자상담사/간접투자증권판매인력 (한국)
전문번역사 (한/영/일)
베트남 남부상사중재원 (STAC) 중재인

Cty Luật SLF hiện đang sự tạm nghỉ làm.

Nếu bạn cần tư vấn luật tại Việt Nam, vui lòng liên hệ bên dưới.

Bùi Phương Duy, Luật sư

Vietnam Global Consulting
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Việt Nam - Luật sư

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If you need legal advice in Vietnam, please contact below.

Mr. Bruno Duy, Lawyer

Vietnam Global Consulting
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Vietnam - Attorney

Mr. Jeong Yong Wook, Lawyer

Opines Law & Accounting
+84 (0) 979 493 984

Korea - Attorney
Korea - Patent Attorney
Washington State, USA - Certified Public Accountant
Vietnam STAC - Arbitrator
Korea Financial Investment Association
- Financial Asset Manager
- Investment Asset Manager
- Fund Investment Advisor
- Indirect Investment Securities Seller


We can get your phone calls at 09:00 ~ 17:00 GMT+7 on Monday ~ Friday. Please contact +84-707-889-688 for English and Vietnamese, and +84-979-493-984 for Korean. If you use the right below contact form, we will response you within 1 workday. If you need a detail response, we recommend you to write an email to